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Join Our Team: Internship Opportunities at For Lakes Sake

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of youth and combating substance abuse? Consider interning with us! Our internship program offers valuable hands-on experience in youth education, addiction recovery support, and community outreach. 

AGES 16-21 

Interns enrolled in our internship program will be placed in various areas in our organization that focuses on addiction recovery. These placements aim to expose interns to a wide range of mental health and drug recovery settings, providing practical experience and insight into the challenges faced by individuals on their recovery journey. 


assisting in therapy sessions, group counseling, or support groups for individuals affected by addiction or mental health

conduct research on mental health disorders, treatment methodologies, and innovative approaches to recovery

participate in the development and implementation of educational programs and workshops on mental health and abuse

collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to provide holistic care and support to individuals in recovery

contributing to the design and execution of awareness campaigns and community outreach initiatives


The mentorship program offers comprehensive mentorship components. Each Intern is paired with a dedicated mentor who is an experienced professional in the field of mental health or addiction recovery. The mentor serves as a guide, providing personalized support, advice, and expertise to help the intern navigate their chosen career path.


regular one on one meetings to discuss goals, challenges, and progress

guidance on professional development, career planning, and further education in the field

sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices in mental health and drug recovery

encouraging personal growth, self-care, and resilience

facilitating networking opportunities and connections within the mental health and recovery community

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