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ONE PILL CAN KILL - Talk to your teens about fentanyl and opioid use


Ada Disinger, co-founder of Safehaven Freedom Ministries Inc., shares her insight to parents of Allen County in an interview with 21 Alive News following a press release highlighting the rise of the opioid epidemic.

"Do not be afraid to talk to your kids or have fear. You will not instill fear, you're going to instill wisdom."

Following the death of their son, Lake Disinger, a teen boy whose life was cut short due to fentanyl poisoning and opioid overdose, Ada and her husband, Garrett, founded 'For Lakes Sake', a branch off of Safehaven Freedom Ministries Inc. specifically created for empowering teens and adults on opioid education, support, and solutions to save lives.

21 Alive shares on April 26, 2024 that city and state police say "the opioid epidemic is serious." Police urge parents to understand the dangers of fentanyl. Leaders with the Child Fatality Team say "fentanyl was responsible for 9 out of 10 overdoses in the United States in 2021.

Grieving parents of children who have fallen victim to this crisis urge parents to have a conversation with their children, informing them of the danger, the risk, and the consequences of fentanyl poisoning and overall opioid use.



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