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What is For Lake's Sake About?

For Lake's Sake was birthed the summer of 2021 during a marriage retreat my husband [Garrett] and I [Ada] went to. During that time we talked and agreed to begin a ministry that would help spread God's message to our community and neighboring communities. We hoped His message would touch teenagers and young adults who were struggling with addiction, or knew someone who was struggling with addiction. Specifically, for teenagers and young adults who were seeking restoration during their struggles and journey, much like our son, Lake who at that time was deep in his own battle with addiction and recovery. Our hope for him was that he would seek help and break free here on earth from his addiction and be able to share his story for FLS one day, to help save lives.

Sorrowfully, our vision was altered unexpectedly in October 2021. We received a phone call that he was gone...just like that. His life and light extinguished in the blink of an eye. He made a mistake, had a setback, and ordered a single blue M30 Percocet pill. This single mistake...this single pill contained fentanyl and carfentanil. He didn't want to die. Our kids should not die from a mistake.

Our mission now is to continue his legacy and share his story in hopes to save those lives affected or could be affected. FLS is taking on the battle against the fentanyl epidemic through awareness, rallies, outreach, media, and cooperation with other organizations. FLS also facilitates drug intervention, placement and rehabilitation tailored to the individual's needs. What this means is when an individual walks through our doors they will already have much needed resources at their fingertips. We travel to different facilities to tour and learn about what they offer. We also look forward to traveling across the country to acquire new partnerships with more organizations. This will allow us the ability to offer the best customized resources and placements for our clients.

As a non-profit, we also focus on filing grants for funding to provide 'recovery scholarships' for those needing financial assistance and/or harm reduction assistance. Right now all donations are going towards funding our drug/ fentanyl awareness and educational program. This program offers posters and resources for schools in the community and neighboring communities. We will focus now and in the future breaking down barriers and resistance to fentanyl education and harm reduction education in schools.

Additionally, we offer counseling to teens and young adults while they are waiting for their resource and placement connections. We offer aftercare from Inpatient programs as well. Through recovery coaching, we are able to answer drug related questions and discuss topics that a client may not feel comfortable asking or talking to their parents about. I am also able share Lake's message that there is hope for someone in recovery, battling their addiction, or in the depths of their struggle. Educating and increasing awareness helps young people understand risky behaviors and how to make healthy and safe choices. Most importantly education helps people handle challenging situations they will be faced with in the world they are growing up in. Knowing there is assistance even if a young person is already on the path to addiction offers much needed hope.

Our mission is important because it is a way to bring awareness and education in a hurting community and reach those who feel lost, overwhelmed, and hopeless for Lake’s sake.


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